Pan Son is a 10 year old girl who lives in Fantage. Pan is best friends wwith Hina, Zoey and Hadia. Her biggest rival is Mera.Edit


Pan is shy and sensetive. She is used to having a quiet household, because she only lives with her parents and her brother. Pan is especially shy around people she doesn't know. However, Pan can be a chatterbox around people she knows very well. Pan enjoys shopping with her best friends. Her favorite pet is Cotton, and she works for Victoria and Michelle, who she admires.Pan is as smart as a whip and is good at memorizing. She can soften down anyone. Everyone likes her for her loyalty, honesty, kindness and generosity. Pan is short tempered, though, and keeps her thoughts to herself a lot, that she thinks sound mean. Her favorite place to talk things over with friends is at star cafe.

Pan has different hair colors, due to Fantage's different experiences with hair, but she usually uses blonde and brown. She has peachy/fair skin. 

Book One-How I Survived 6th GradeEdit

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